Printing Presses


Someone jacked the bed and sold that shit.


Nice little Griffin etching press at University of Alberta


Forgot the brand of this press but it’s an 8’ x 4’ (244cm x 122cm) motorized beast of an etching press.  I can’t wait to get it going :-D
University of Alberta printshop.

Takach Motorized Etching Press
we must know the name, for science.
little glimpse of another nice etching press in the background too.Maybe we could get a picture of that one too.


she’s a very kinky girl #takach #printmaking

Well after a long hiatus, and a number of new follows on the account, here’s a lovely Takach etching press for your viewing pleasure.


Printing on Penland’s Ostrander Seymour iron handpress.

Thank you to Emily Hancock for the video.

Tomorrow: printing from sheet magnet.


Came across this great foto Via landfall press’ Facebook page.